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Kisha Taylor

The climb may be a struggle but the view from the top is an experience one must have for themselves!

Raised by the streets of Brooklyn,NY and attended the school of hard knocks. Kisha was labeled least likely to succeed. She rose from humble beginnings to Become a VP for a major finance company, owner of multiple invest properties and an Author and life strategist.

Kisha is the author of the book "Overcoming the hand you were dealt". A book that gives lessons on how to accept the obstacles and downfalls in life and get back up stronger, blazing a trail to success and prosperity. As a life strategist, she has been able to develop online courses, launch "Let's Talk" on youtube@kishataylor, that encourage mindset shifts. Her content Promotes emotional wellness, and aides in ones development of mental strength to overcomes life's challenges. The book and courses deliver simple, yet effective principles.